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  • Must Live In Canada
  • Hold a valid drivers license or family that does
  • New to Canada 
  • Excellent, Good Credit ( **Premium Rates )
  • Bad Credit History, 
  • No Credit History
  • No Cash Down Buyers
  • Trade Ins (with negative equity)
  • New Employment - Part Time Work
  • Self Employment
  • Average min $2000.00 per month income

*Approval can take up to 60 Minutes. 

  • No News is good news!
  • At times it takes longer to get approved. If you do not get approved in the first 60 minutes and do not hear from us. That means we are still working on your application, the banks are busy or closed. Busy is good!

Application delays are normally caused by common errors like:

  • Wrong "Date of birth",  or typo in Legal "Name" 
  • Incorrect "Phone number" or "Email"
  • No "S.I.N." Number provided on the application form
  • Recent Bad Credit History

**Approval can take up to 24 hours. 

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