When navigating a new vehicle purchase, one of the most difficult and time consuming issues is finding out what your trade-in is really worth. You want to maximize the value you get for your old vehicle to reduce the price and payment of your new car. Technology has allowed us to speed up the process. Using web searches and dealership trade-in tools can really help us get a good idea.

            Using the best Technology will help you get top dollar!

Understanding a vehicle value is simply how much a person will pay for it. Easy right? All we have to do is search out active listings in the market that are exactly like yours and there you have it. We can look at newspapers, dealer websites, and vehicle market places online and get a good idea of what the asking price is for a vehicle that is similar to yours. We have the retail asking price with a little wiggle room because everyone wants to barter. Now we need to add up the costs to fix it up to be ready for sale. A thorough cleaning and disinfecting, safety inspection including parts and labor for brakes, tires, lights, ball joints, tie rods, air conditioning,  safety equipment, body integrity, rust repair and so on. We add up the costs and deduct it from the retail price and voila we now have our trade-in or wholesale value.

We are now mentally prepared with a value that will represent the trade-in value that any dealership should pay. But wait there are some other factors we need to think about. A dealer will have other costs we have to consider such as overhead or lot pack, OEM certification costs, sales commission, advertising, bank interest, dent removal, paint touches, Carfax etc etc. Ok so we can deduct a bit for that as well and we are good. Well not exactly.

There are many resources a dealer uses to evaluate the price they will pay for a given vehicle. They can look at auction prices for similar vehicles and if they find some that ahve sold recently that are like yours, they know what they can buy your vehcile for at wholesale auction prices. They realize they will have to bid, pay auciton fees and transportation fees. Dealers look at the market places and search for vehicles online to see what others are listed for. Once retail and wholesale pricing are known they are more confident putiing out the cash for yours.

Most have us have never given it that much thought or have the resources to fully research a vehicle value. That is where technology can save us a ton of time and money. Most vehicle valuation website tools use wholesale data to approximate your trade-in value. Canadian Black Book, Kelly Blue Book, Manheim and Adessa auction values, and many more. What if you could push a button and have all the data at your finger tips? Whoesale (auction) values, Retail Market value, reconditioning cost, profit projection.view all vehciles in the open market that exactly match yours? That is exactly what Approve Canada has for you. Precise market valuation for free. 

Approve Canada has developed systems using state-of-the-art technologies to wrap up the whole process. It takes about 1 minute and you will have everything you need and know exactly your vehicle value. Get the best value for your trade for your next purchase or sell it to us now for cash. Quick. Easy. Accurate.

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