Hi, Its a beautiful day today with warm temperatures and the sun is trying to poke out. For most of us we are not thinking about buying a new car because our old one works ok. OK is fine for now but when it gets cold and the snow starts piling up we tend to rely on our transportation a lot more. In big ole Canada we need to get around the wide open spaces for many reasons. So either out of necessity or for fun a vehicle is important.

Here is some help to get a great car deal!

When you have decided to buy a new vehicle the first consideration might be your budget. What are you comfortable with in terms of Monthly Dollar amount to spend on transportation? It's a good idea to include insurance and fuel in your transportation budget. When considering the operating costs of a vehicle you can look up average expenditures at CAA car costs here.  So congratulations you have started a plan with a sound beginning.

Next on the list is to decide what you need your vehicle to do. How big or small should it be. How many people do you need to fit, how big is the parking spot for it or the height restrictions in your location. The overall capacity or GVWR (the sticker on the inside of the driver's door) will tell you how much weight it can haul and stop safely. If you have a trailer to pull or a need to fit seven passengers will help point you in the right direction in terms of vehicle selection. What roads do you drive on? Do you want All Wheel Drive (AWD) or Four Wheel drive (4X4) to deal with poor road conditions?

Now that you have done some homework and narrowed down the selection you can begin to shop for a suitable ride. Most automobile sales websites will have search capabilities that you can sort through inventory by price, payment, year, car, truck, year, make, model etc. A good place to start is KIJIJI or Autotrader or of course approvecanada vehicles. Those sites list many dealer and private sales to give you some idea whats out there. This will give you have a good idea of what is available in the local market. When doing searches online pay attention to ads that have good detailed information and specifications. Look for mileage and damage and see if there is Carproof report that will tell you about accident and jurisdiction registration history. There are many vehicles for sale that have Rebuilt status which means the unit has been deemed a total loss by an insurance company and then Rebuilt. These may or may not have been fixed properly and will have much less value if you have to do an insurance claim. These Rebuilt status vehicles are usually much less money and can be source for a decent car at a lower price.

You are now ready for the test drive stage. Its time to see the vehicle in person and take it for a spin. Confirm appointments before you go and bring a friend as two eyes are better than one. Check over the exterior for differences in paint color, over spray from repainting, tape lines from masking around trims. These are tell tale signs of accident and repair. Most cars have had some repairs done but how well. Check tires for uneven wear and mismatched size or brand. Check the driver cockpit seat and pedal wear, this will tell you something about the previous driver.

Negotiation of the sale price is for some the hardest part. I still to this day have a hard time with this aspect even though I am the one who constantly must negotiate with customers. Being on the other side of the desk is a little easier but it does not feel comfortable for most of us. Keep true to your budget and be prepared to leave if you cant make your deal. This is when the seller will most likely give you the bottom line. Good luck with your search and your new car purchase. I hope this helps. Check back soon to find out the inside scoop Financing your new car and tips on Aftermarket Products and Insurance needs.